Oh My Sky

Steve Kilbey, Jeffrey Cain

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Lyrics (unofficial)

Going real slow with you alright
That's the only thing that you needed to do
Going even slower with you alright
That's the only thing that you needed to do

Well I was sitting in the rain surrounded by rust
I was touching up something that I shouldn't really name
I was focused askance so I made my advance
Take off your pants and pretend you're in France, or Belgium

Oh miss [1:30] demon, can I see
Should we melt them red
Dress my dream in Valvoline
When the engine fails
Cobalt blue and mercury
Chinese white jet black
Gonna take my memory
Burnin' up them tracks

And I know what you are
I know what you say
I know what you did
And I know how you played
And I know what you wanted when you got me that day
And I wandered in the twilight
And I wondered if you wanted it this way

Later in the restaurant Roger's acting kinda weird
I thought it was anxiety till my heart got speared
I was drowning in the sea, I was running through the cake
I was lost in the dessert, I was broke in the tea break

Oh my sky
I've fallen fallen
Someone callin' down to me

I was standing in the sea, nothing at the knee [4:01]
I was become a someone never wanted to be
It had all gone awry, the price was too high
So please don't ask why
If I never come back again