The Privateer

Steve Kilbey, Jeffrey Cain

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Lyrics (unofficial)

Morning is coming and I must away
Over the green fields of the sea
No man can tell you, no no man can say
Oh the monsters and mirages are waiting for me

I pack up my feelings, I store all my hurt
I lock up my heart in an old memory
Walk down the gangplank and walk down the aisle
Walk a mile in my shoes up the rocks and the scree

I've been undermined, I've been undefined
I've been so inclined and I've been so lonely
I've been underfed and I've nearly been bled
And I've been nearly dead and I nearly been free

I've been a woman and I've been a man
And I've been a child when I shouldn't be
I've been a winner and a sinner and saint
And I've been had for dinner and the third degree

But I saw the cannon and I saw the flash
As I smelt the fear and the melted debris
But the privateer is still waiting here

There were islands of women as dark as the night
And cannibals and kings and things unholy
But the privateer is still waiting here

During the voyage around capes of ice
The sea serpents hissed as it crushed us like mice
And the balmy nights of Shangri-Las
Drunk on pink gin and the old jealous stars

They rationed the water and the daughters of the chief
And medals for heroes and whips for the thief
In the admiral's cabin with his grand chandelier
But the privateer is still waiting here

There were maps of the stars that guided our keel
And dolphins and seals swam the uncharted sea
But the privateer is still waiting here