Steve Kilbey, Jeffrey Cain

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Lyrics (unofficial)

Something got a hold of me now
Some little elemental eating up my route pal [0:16]
Something I shouldn't allow
Getting kinda stronger every passing hour

My globe is starting to spin the wrong way
Morning turns to night without any day
Deep in my bed where I cannot lay
Lost in a prayer I cannot pray
All my visitors say they cannot stay, hey hey hey

Some bastard's got it in for me
Some nasty little witch is sewing up a stitch
Bad luck is dogging me like a bitch
I can't scratch this itch

My flesh recoils from the heat and the cold
Believe every lie that I ever told
Everything I touch just turns to mold
Everything I buy is already sold
Losin' my grip, losin' my hold
Oh my heart, oh my soul
Oh my god I'm slipping into this hole

Someone up there try to dislocate me
Someone up there must really fucking hate me
Get me a priest, give me my last rites
I'll get me a leash, at least give me tonight
Give me a hit, I can't put up a fight
Aw, give me a shot, I'm so hot, I'm nearly alight