Steve Kilbey, Jeffrey Cain

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Lyrics (unofficial)

She was a sullen little visitor in her coastal way
Just where the Japanese guys take pictures of the sea spray

That dandelion wine time in St. Paul
Out in the rip if you were hip you could hear the mermaids call

You were swimming along backwards in the upside-down dark
You crashed into me painfully in the underground car park

Insulated by your rubber skin
As your bubbles rise up you breathe the water in

Someone on the shore you can never make out
Calls out your name and waves, it's not worth thinking about

Down the slow and lazy cafe in the seaweed breeze
Romeo has just been born unaware of his destinies

Ah, you ask me for credentials and your secretary laughs
We would never let a man like you get his hands on our stuff

But in the winter when the clouds roll in along the briny deep
The apartments are half empty and the big talk is cheap

The buses and the camper-vans have all assembled here
They're waiting for morning that has failed to appear

And you're dreaming if you think they're gonna sink like that again
I'm out here drowning for you in the hypodermic rain

That's all