Never Come Back

S. Kilbey
(ATV Northern Songs/SBK Songs)

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In the liner notes to the 2004 reissue of The Slow Crack, Steve wrote this about the song:

"Never Come Back" was an attempt to write a folky little number that could have come from anytime, anywhere and I learnt to play the mandolin for this one.

Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Sept. 4, 2013]

Well I came to this land where the snow and the sand
Cover my footprints with ice
The cruel gray sea calls me "come and be free"
And I almost take that advice

And in the night I cling to the names
Of the women I wanted and the men that I blamed
And their scorn that scorches my tracks
One thing I know you can never come back

Oh darling please meet me in the dark empty streets
Won't you bring me the things that I need
No one is waiting where she used to stand
Just the jagged thorns of the weed

And in the day they drink their hot wine
And I long for the things that can never be mine
So your pretty clothes do not unpack
As plain as the day you can never come back