Starling St.

S. Kilbey

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In the liner notes to the 2004 reissue of The Slow Crack, Steve wrote this about the song:

"Starling St." was written to be a flexi-disc (Hey kids, go ask Grandpa what a flexi-disc was). It ended up being the last track for the original Slow Crack EP, the masters and running order which are used for this cd. I like it very much (I pride myself on my humility) and I wish Tom Waits or someone like that (authentic types) would do a version of it. Starling St. is in Rozelle. If you see Harry and Dorothy tell 'em I put 'em in a song.

Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Sept. 7, 2013]

Music in Starling St. sounds like the wind
Down the café when the daylight has thinned
Harry and Dorothy say let's begin
You clap your hands for a jug of fine wine

Two-legged Joe with his both ways bet stare
His house down the lane and the life he leads there
You notice he's gone and he just doesn't care
He claps his hands for a jug of fine wine