S. Kilbey/S. Polinski/D. Abiuso/C. Berwick/J. Kilbey

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Mar. 7, 2010]

I was thinking about it the other day
Memory is white (a lot of people)
Just like the future will be white (how else would we [0:17] what the future is like)
White and honeycombed (its like living at the end of the world, its like living at the end of time)
Wonderfully silent (its like living on the edge of a cliff)
Safe behind...transparent shield (we live in our cell)
In the hive, in the honeycomb, in our cell
And we said (what was his...)
Looking out at the white sea, the white sky (in the gaaaa...)
The white day comes and goes (in our albums the white come)
We don't say much (the white will be there)
What is there to say (the white passes, the white flowers)
Sometimes I walk to the edge of the sill (the white control modules)
Look down at the white waves that beat against the cliffs (the white instrument of consoles)
Mists swirling against the foot of... (the white accessories)
Long, long, long way down
The rain condenses on the perspex (what do we do all day)
We hold our hands up to the light (the girl goes to school)
Against the cold transparent glass (she likes these subjects)
And our hands leave (white painting)
Patterns (white sculpture, the history of use of white)
I lie down on my bed
Feel the rays of the white sun (the need for white)
Empty my eyes (you sit down to eat sometime)
Dazzling the chambers in my head (white dinner, white dessert, white light, white...)
I wake up from my nap and nothing has changed (white joker, joke...)
I notice the throb of power (white knight)
I hear the singing cables that connect us up (the girl has a cat)
I feel the pulse of the earth (its called snowy)
The fiery red energy that comes up from the core
And enters the soles of the feet of men, men, men, men, men...
(I don't know if its real)
I feel the white cosmic light (sings to me)
Come into my fontanelle (everything's changing)
I hit... I hit... (some of our people are changing)
I hit stop on my machine
A screen comes down (some kind of interference or message in the static of radio waves)
We wait for a moment (I feel like a church)
The storm is coming (it's impossible to tell who's transmitting and who's receiving)
White lightning (it's impossible to tell what is memory)
Elementals (it's impossible to tell)
Electrical disturbance (what is going on, what is it, it is impossible to tell)
Spirits in the ether (if you are present...)
Some subtle change comes
We are engulfed
We disconnect (??? [6:24])
She lies languidly in the afterglow (as she reads)

(your heartbeat is regulated by the machine
your thoughts are ingested
we receive messages daily from the outside world
from beyond the nights)

Oh, we're safe (safe, safe, safe...)
Never forget me
Never forget me
You said you'd never forget me
You said you'd never forgive me

Now you said you'd never forget me
You (you said it) said never forget me
You said it
You said (you said it) never forget me

You said never forget me
You said never forget me
You said never forget me
You said it, never forget me

I made the future safe for you
I just need to wait for you

(I remember
I remember lagoons
I remember the walk through the rocks
I can smell the salt in the air)
Visualize a white wall (something took one of the children)
Visualize your interstices white
Visualize the sky white
Visualize a lake white
Visualize the colour white
Visualize your hair white
Visualize, memorize (??? [13:58])
By the time you've counted to ten backwards (like a holographic fire) you will be somewhere else
Somewhere else I can't come
Somewhere you must go alone
Somewhere you must go alone, somewhere white
(the ceiling turns into the starry night)
Somewhere pale (??? [14:34])
Somewhere far away (birds fly in from miles away)
Somewhere... else
Somewhere better, somewhere further, somewhere younger
Visualize younger white
Visualize white distance
Visualize stasis
Visualize... (white, white...)
Visualize rain in ??? [15:23]
Visualize patterns in clouds
Visualize the small triangular shapes on the whites
Visualize the smudges and hypocrisies in the sands [15:38]
(Upheld the black light, the chimney black night)
Pink stains spread across the horizon (night is as black as the ace of spades)
Leading into tomorrows and yesterdays (the midnight night)
The sun moves like an angry red eye (different varieties of cactii)
(the protective shadows, the distorted...)

(white dream
the contents of milk
evaporated milk
rice milk
soy milk
powder milk
sweetened milk
vanilla milk
caramel milk
butterscotch milk
safe, calm, distant)

(It's not too bad really
And you get used to it
Don't resist it
Don't anticipate it
Don't mention it to anybody
Don't try and second guess it
Don't use it for your own ends
Don't say you thought it up on your own
Don't leave me here on my own
White Christmas
White pudding
White sauce
White sundae
White nap [21:31])
White elephant