S. Kilbey
(Sony Music)

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Sept. 5, 2015]

If you're not a commodity, why are you so scarce
Invisible even in your solar flares
I battled your intensity
You really got propensity
To burn, to burn

Stumbling 'round the moonscape
With the gravity of a feather
I know that it's a calamity
We just talk of the weather
The silver of your sun suit
Negates the execute
I want to escape (ahhh), I want to escape (ahhh)
Your pull (ahhh), your pull (yeah)

Struggling against the current
Spat at by the torrent
Grabbing at little silver fishes
Dream fabrique is wishes, washes
A hundred leagues under the lake
A town down there and then I'll wake
Don't change, don't change

Wonder (to burn), it's no wonder (to burn)
Wonder (to burn), it's no wonder (to burn)

Don't tell me now it's over (to burn)
Over in an instant, instantly over (to burn)
Atoms, starlings, missiles, batteries (to burn)
Cotton, infants, fishes, wishing (to burn)
Breathing, whispers, breakthrough, wicked
Nonsense, dirges, princes, fathers (to burn)
Moonlight, flattery, rainbow, orbit
Falling, midnight, crashing, tackle (to burn)
Freezing, glowing, cinders, forces
Power, sticky, setback, arching (to burn)
Outward, naked, narrow, willing
Storming, killing, spinning, happen to me (to burn)
Birthday, kissing, forming, shaking
Bottle, hammer, reefer, Buddha (to burn)
Mantra, shudder, city
Only water they're after (to burn)
Then they're after
Someone eating out
Till they got you
Almost present...