On this album, The Church pay tribute to other artists who have influenced them in some way by covering their songs.

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1.The Faith Healer (7:36) [Alex Harvey] /
2.It's All Too Much (6:11) [The Beatles] /
3.Hiroshima Mon Amour (4:28) [Ultravox] / /
4.The Porpoise Song (4:28) [The Monkees] /
5.Decadence (9:15) [Kevin Ayers] /
6.The Endless Sea (4:33) [Iggy Pop] /
7.Friction (5:11) [Television] / /
8.All the Young Dudes (4:10) [Mott The Hoople]
9.Silver Machine (4:58) [Hawkwind] /
10.Cortez the Killer (11:08) [Neil Young] /

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The Church are Steven Kilbey, Peter Koppes, Tim Powles, Marty Willson-Piper
Recorded and Mixed by Dave Trump and Tim Powles
@ the Blue Room Studios, Gävle, Sweden
except for "All The Young Dudes" and "Silver Machine"
recorded @ Karmic Hit Studios, Sydney, Australia
Mastered by Jay @ Node Mastering, London

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The preliminary track listing for this album was:

  1. Cortez the Killer [Neil Young]
  2. Life's A Gas [Marc Bolan & T. Rex]
  3. Friction [Television]
  4. Silver Machine [Hawkwind]
  5. All The Young Dudes [Mott the Hoople]
  6. Don't Fear The Reaper [Blue Oyster Cult]
  7. Ritz [Cockney Rebel]
  8. Venus In Furs [The Velvet Underground]
  9. In Every Dreamhome A Heartache [Roxy Music]
  10. It's All Too Much [The Beatles]
  11. Desdemona [T-Rex]
  12. The Porpoise Song [The Monkees]

Eight different covers and the CD artwork were designed and submitted by fans. Featured are the works of Marty Deveney, David Duchow (CD and trayliner artwork), Sven Stefan Karlsson, Mark Ezra Merrell, Christopher Price, Amanda Prince, Peter Sucheki, and Jeff Westover. The front booklet contains all 8 cover images, and can be folded various ways to display any one of them on top. Most versions shipped with the Christopher 'chrispy' Price cover on top. The Australian release had the Peter Sucheki cover on top.

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