Tom Verlaine
(Point Music Limited)

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Aug. 24, 2013]

I knew it musta been some big set-up
All the action just would not let up
It's justa little bit back from the main road
Where the silence spreads and men dig holes

I begin to spin the tale
You complain about my diction
It gives me friction (friction)
It gives me friction (friction)
But I like friction (friction)

My eyes are like telescopes
I see it all backwards, but who wants hope?
If I ever catch that ventriloquist
I'll squeeze his head right into my fist

Something comes a-crashin' in
What is it, what's the prediction?
I'll bet you it's friction (friction)
I'll bet you it's friction (friction)
But I like friction (friction)

How'd the snake get out of the skin?
All it took was a little friction

Ahh, stop this head motion and set sail
You know all us boys gonna wind up in jail

And I don't wanna grow up
It's too much contradiction
And too much friction (friction)
Had too much friction (friction)
I'm crazy about friction (friction)
F - r - i - c - t - i - o - n

(Friction, friction, friction, friction)