The Church - Beside Yourself Cover

This is a collection combining the iTunes Exclusive Tracks EP, the Forget Yourself bonus songs released in the U.S., hitspacebar from the Australian Song In Space single, and unreleased tracks from the Forget Yourself sessions. Artwork includes reproductions of several original drawings/paintings by Steve Kilbey.

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1.jazz (4:58) /
2.hitspacebar (3:03) /
3.crash/ride (5:29) /
4.moodertronic (4:17) (instrumental) / aviv (3:04) /
6.nervous breakthrough (4:17) /
7.the illusion mysteries (4:41) /
8.cantilever (9:44) /
9.serpent easy (14:47) (instrumental) /

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Written and played by 'The Church'
Produced by Tim Powles and 'The Church'
Executive Producer Kevin Lane Keller
Engineered and Co-produced by Nic Hard
'The Church' are Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes, Tim Powles, Marty Willson-Piper
Original artwork by Steve Kilbey
Design by Elissa Battiste



This is a limited edition of 500 in stores.

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