PRIEST = AURA (1992)

The Church - Priest = Aura Cover

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1.Aura (7:01) /
2.Ripple (6:04) / /
3.Paradox (4:00) /
4.Lustre (5:45) /
5.Swan Lake (2:27) / /
6.Feel (3:55) /
7.Mistress (4:13) /
8.Kings (4:35) /
9.Dome (4:01)   (Not on Arista LP) /
10.Witch Hunt (1:28) / /
11.The Disillusionist (6:25) /
12.Old Flame (1:37) /
13.Chaos (9:35) /
14.Film (3:56) (instrumental) /

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Jay Dee Daugherty (Drums)
Peter Koppes (Guitar, Vocals)
Marty Willson-Piper (Guitar, Vocals)
Steven Kilbey (Lead Vocals, Bass)

Produced by The Church and Gavin MacKillop
Recorded by Gavin MacKillop
Art Direction: Maude Gilman
Photograph: David Katzenstein
Lettering: John Wujcik

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Arista Records issued a Priest=Aura Press Kit.

The cover photo was taken by David Katzenstein in 1984 in Saqqara, Egypt. To the right of the dog's face is the stepped Pyramid of Djoser (aka Pyramid of Zoser), the first Egyptian pyramid, and behind the dog is the Pyramid of Userkaf. Further right (not pictured) is the Pyramid of Unas.

A common misconception is that the dog on the cover is a dingo. It is not. Rather, it's a feral Egyptian dog of indeterminate breed, common at the tourist spots. Dingoes are native to Australia.

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Reportedly some Australian Promo CDs of Priest=Aura [Mushroom/White TVD93356 (RMD53356)] came in a box with a different cassette, not the Ripple single [Mushroom C 11098], containing:

  1. Ripple
  2. Aura
  3. Mistress
  4. Kings
  5. Feel (Extended Mix)

Program is repeated on both sides.