SEANCE (1983)

The Church - The Seance Cover

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1.Fly (2:09) / /
2.One Day (4:38) /
3.Electric (6:02) /
4.It's No Reason (5:48) / /
5.Travel By Thought (4:36) /
6.Disappear? (5:47) /
7.Electric Lash (4:25) / / /
8.Now I Wonder Why (5:39) /
9.Dropping Names (2:59)
10.It Doesn't Change (5:56) /

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Richard Ploog - Drums, Bongos, Tambourine
Steve Kilbey - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, String Arrangements
Peter Koppes - Guitar, Hammond Organ
Marty Willson-Piper - Guitars and Vocals

[Guest] Musicians:
Michelle Parker - Vocals, "It's No Reason"
Russell Kilbey - Harmonica

Produced by The Church
Co-produced and Engineered by John Bee
Co-engineered by Christo on Electric
Mix Engineered and Produced by Nick Launay
Recorded at Studio 301 [Sydney, Australia], Summer 1983
Thanks to 'Philthy' for the Telecaster [aka Filthy - Phil Hall, later of Curious (Yellow)]
Photographer - Kim Sandeman
Management - Michael Chugg Management Pty Limited, P.O. Box 97, Kings Cross, N.S.W. 2011

Arista Reissues: Digital Remastering by Bill Inglot and Ken Perry at K DISC, Los Angeles.

Releases (rev. Apr. 6, 2020)

Vinyl Run-Out Groove Messages
All versions except EMI Parlophone PCS 7590 & Carrere 821 046-1
    Side A: Just sit back & LISTEN !
    Side B: (1st message) COOPER'S RULES O.K.
         (2nd message) IS IT OCCURING, BEEKEEPER ?


Carrere Records issued a Seance Press Release.

There is a glitch on the Arista CDs, causing a pop 23 seconds into "It's No Reason" after the first word "crocodile."

Merrick Thomas reports with regards to the Arista Seance CD:

There are actually 2 more glitches in addition to the one in It's No Reason: there's a clicking noise at 2:02 in Fly, right before the final chord, and there's two little pops at 4:21 in Electric Lash (at the very end of the fade-out). However, all three of those glitches are NOT present on copies of the CD pressed by Disque Americ in Canada - I have both copies. The audio is basically the same otherwise (not 100% identical, but nobody could tell them apart in a blind test).

The cover photo by Kim Sandeman features her friend Meg (according to Marty's 2010 reissue liner notes), and was taken in Camperdown Cemetery in the Newtown suburb of Sydney. She is holding a Rainsfords "Metal Petal" drink holder, an Australian outdoor decoration from the 1950s.

Steve wrote a commissioned blog entry about Seance on April 5, 2017.

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