El Momento Descuidado

All I Know

Transcribed by Erik Eklund and Brian Avery.

Am   ... all I know.....
A    ... could be written....


F           Em         C
  Just like you I am a wanderer wandering, wondering
F            Em              Am
  Outrunning all my previous lives
F              Em             C
  So cleave to me just like a tiny storm
  A raining and a thundering
F        Em                Am
  Coming out of clear blue skies


Till The Cows Come Home

Transcribed by Brian Avery.

Well I'm walking through town as the evening comes down
         D                        A
And it's easy to hope that you're here
In my fine linen suit and my smouldering cheroot
         D                       A
Well disposed to a night of good cheer
    D                         A
The candles and lamps and the losers and champs
D                     A
Horses all covered in foam
E                        Bm
If you don't show then I just do not know
        G                       A
If I'll wait till the cows come home