Hologram Of Baal


Transcribed by John Hicks.

*     E, Dm,E
*     E, Dm,E
*     Am,G,F,E
*     Eb, Db, Dm, G, Bb, F, Bb, F, Dm

Additional remarks by Jens Berke:
If you play the D and the second E-chord in the verse with the
following position, I find the song even more interesting to play:

D(2)  xx0230
E(2)  7x9900



Transcribed by Fred.

[C]Empty [Fmaj7]birdcage in her [Am]room
[C]Curtains [Fmaj7]pulled against the [Am]moon
[C]Follow her down to Lou[Fmaj7]isiana
[Am]Hotel room with the bedside manner
[C]God I've [Fmaj7]got to get back [Am]soon
[Bb]She wriggles like a fish in a [C]net
[Bb]Details you can never for[C]get
[Bb]One thing or another
[C]Never anybody [Bb]considering the re[C]gret [Bb] [F] [C]

That's my story [Bb] [F] [C]
Cost a fortune [Bb] [F] [C]
Louisiana Dm / / / G / / / Dm / / / G F Em Dm C

Jason Roberts added a capo'd version that compliments the tabs above:

Capo'd on 5th:

G       Cmaj7   Em x4

F       G x5

F       C       G x3

Am      D       Am      D       C Bm Am G

"Also sounds rather lovely on the mandolin!"



Transcribed by Jens Berke.

Fmaj7/C       [x33210]
G5            [3X0033]
Dsus4/F       [2x0233]
D             [xx0232]
Dsus2         [xx0230]
Em            [022000]
Em7           [022033]
C9            [X32033]
C             [X32010]
Am            [X02210]

G5 Em7 Dsus4/F# C9 (X 2)

G5 Em7 Dsus4/F# C9

Am                    G5
Days of sickly summer packed up and gone,

Em            Dsus2           C
nothing helps when nothing is wrong.

Am                            D
She's got the where with all, she's got the knowledge,

C               (No Chord)
it's wonderful, we should get going.

Fmaj7/C       C
Sleeping the winter

Am      G5
down in Buffalo.