Transcription by Anders Ekberg.

Corrections by Jens Berke.

Em     022000
G      320003
A7sus4 x02030
Cadd9  x32030

[Em]Baby smiled like a [G]tiny child
[Em]She talks her head off, and the [G]land lies wild
[Em]Tossed and turned on a [G]teardrop sea
[Em]And all the dark clowns who are [G]following me

And they [Cadd9]fly, [Am7sus4] she pointed up into the [Cadd9]sky
[Am7sus4]And you can't touch them if you [Cadd9]try
[Am7sus4]And they [Cadd9]fly  [Am7sus4]

Baby left as she lost her breath
Hastens off to some unknown death
Trapped inside her painted eyes
Takes herself into a new sunrise



One Day

[D]Tell me, [Em]is everything unplanned?
[G]It's all so unexpected that I [D]just can't understand
We [D]run so hard and always end up [em]in the same place
[G]"Glad that went so smoothly" well that [D]never is the case

[G]One day - [D]doubtless, cloudless, bright
[G]We'll shake away the shadows [D]of eternal night
[C]It's just the storm before the calm
[G]Like the life held in your palm - it's [Asus4]clay, one [D]day

And you stand there, with ashes blowing past
Dipping into gilt-edged love that will be made at last
And the gold you spend and the hastening end
That you throw into the sea
Coming back a hundredfold, there's no guarantee


We'll walk and be like giants, we'll all be honest men
I go back to my blindness so that I may see again
A woman standing on a hill is gazing out to sea
Dreaming of a new age waiting there for me

I call her from a distance and she smiles into the sun
And men and gods begin their dance, for their time has begun
And holy wars extended and battlefields of pain
Washed away, forgotten in the perfect rain
Princes, kings and humble things are well-worn and content
Messengers come everywhere, envoys have been sent
(Na na na .... a palm tree nodded at me last night he said,
"Hey you look so pale")



[A]Alone, at the end of the [Amaj7]day
As I stand before the [em6]relics
Of what used to [C]be you and [G]me

You turn with the tears in your eyes
Not understanding
that you are free, free of me

Like songs, our warmth fades away
Turns into coldness
Like the words that we say, today

[D]And as the city [F]glows, electric [D]people nobody [F]knows
Electric [D]dreams, nobody [F]knows
[em]When you touch my skin, the feeling is [A]electric

I hoped that our destiny sloped
Ever upwards,
Now it curves away and falls

Like rain and the windows of children
I see the future,
just sliding away, and false



It's No Reason

[G]Crocodile skin [bm]water, [C]city shadows [D]wait
[G]Put your head in[f#m]to your hands, the [em]ending is so [D]great
[G]Take a ride to [bm]sundown, [C]buy a ticket [D]home
Take [G]all the things I've [f#m]bought you, leave [em]all the rest a[C]lone [G]

Marble skins turn human, people fade to gray
Put your head into my hands we'll make them go away
As you're crying softly, you won't ever be disturbed
Red on pink, the sun will sink, have you even heard?

[D]And the [em]colors take me [C]down
[D]It's no [em]reason to be [C]sad
[D]And you [em]leave without a [C]sound
[D]It's no [em]reason to be [F]glad

Instrumental break is Em C D

Salty tears are wasted, children lie awake
Put your head into my hands, don't let your spirit break
Black smoke from the chimneys, white smoke from the hills
Everything is moving, but we're standing still


Celebrations fading, boats upon the waves
Put your head into my hands, trying to be brave
The carnival has packed up, the storm has left us peace
Poppies sleep undamaged, we drive into the east



(Lift on and off B-string 2nd fret on the A and Dmaj7 chords)

[A]Like a womb, night was all [Dmaj7/F#]around
[A]Someone, somewhere must have talked some sense
I could [Dmaj7/F#]feel it moving underground
[G]So many things I still don't under[E]stand

The [A]dream I was having took on an ugly [Dmaj7/F#]face
I don't [A]know if I was walking through heaven
It could have been [Dmaj7/F#]any place
[G]Skipping 'cross the water, wading through the [Esus4] sand [E]
A[Dmaj/F#]wake to find you gone, emptiness is where you [A]lay
I just [Dmaj7/F#]had to smile for all the things you'll never [E]hear me say

[C]Oh, I know, I could never get that [G]near
[Dmaj7/F#]What do you expect me to do, disap[A]pear? [G]

[G]You and [C]me, [em]we're as [D]free as we can [G]be
Can't you [C]see, [em]like the [D]trees so obviously[am]... [A]

The message disturbs me so I throw it to the wind
And after all the hellos goodbyes etc etc
We can't start this thing again
It's like the fog you walk towards, but never seem to reach
Every morning now I hear that same old song
And though the singer is long dead, his voice goes on and on
Ugliness you have to learn, but beauty you can't teach

F#m                                          A
Awake to find you gone, a note pinned to my sleeve
It wasn't just the things you took
It was the things you had to leave
C                           G
Now it seems you were never here
DMaj7                          A
What do you expect me to do, disappear?


Some of this transcription was extracted from James Dignan's version.


Electric Lash

Additions by Jason Roberts.

The [D]electric lash of [G]trees in the studio
[D]Fills my head with [G]light
[D]Only the voice of the [G]girl on the radio
Falling [A]from a [D]height

I turn to leave as if in a cameo
It doesn't feel quite right
Only one thing you ever really know
If it's day or night

Our [G]eyes meet and I [D]love her
[G]I suspect she already [D]knows
[G]How those eyes see me so [D]very very clearly
[G]Even [A]when they're [D]closed

The electric lash of trees in the studio
A bite then a caress
Only the voice of the girl on the radio
Drifting from the west

I turn to leave as if in a cameo
A moon, a knot, a guess
Only one thing you ever really know
You might curse before you bless



immediately after second chorus:

D	G	Asus4	G

D	G	Asus4	G


(single strum, crank the reverb/echo):

D	G	Asus4	G

fade back in on main riff:





Now I Wonder Why

In a [D]moment of triumph, I find defeat uncon[C]trolled
In the [D]second of honor, a despair sharp and [C]old
She [hm]gives me a t[C]aste, [hm]please show me some [C]etiquette
I [hm]wasn't looking for [C]you and I [F]don't want to find you [em]yet

At an uncurtained window, in a street full of rooms
Watching the gardens, and pursuing the blooms
This world is so white, they never see me anymore
But i trusted you then, and I'm trusting you still
It's just that I'm not quite sure

[A]Now I wonder [em7]why, I [A]thought I could ever [em7]lose
But the [A]gain is hardly what I'd [em7]choose
[Bb]Now I wonder [D]why

It was somebody, a woman, it was a delicate crime
And I've been waiting for ages, yes I've been here all the time
There was this greed in my blood, she let me take the easy way
She helps me hide the vagabond, that was myself yesterday
And after the acting, I found that I couldn't sleep
And during my drifting, I found that I was too deep
By the virtue of faith
I knew that I could be lost
Beyond this dark place
Unprepared to pay the cost



Dropping Names

[F#]I want to break to be [E]beautiful
[F#]Seven long nights to [E]think
A [F#]handful of words, a [E]sleeveful of birds
[F#]Casually left on the [E]sink
[B]Crimson beads, cut [A]out your needs
[B]Leave you feeling more in the [A]pink[F#]Seven long nights at a [E]pre-announced site
A [F#]head on my shoulders and I [E]feel all right

[C#]Alter the [B]courses, [C#]stand near my [B]flames
[C#]Questionable [B]sources, [A]only dropping names
Dropping [F#]names

I taught her how to be hard or soft
She never really needed to learn
A trip into town, defenses are down
I never ever need to return
She holds me by the stars, says look at these scars
Feel my longing burn
Seven long days but I can't change my ways
Look over my shoulder and I say hey hey



It Doesn't Change

[A]Sinking silk, and [Bmsus4/A]burning gold
[C#m/A]Touch you as the [D/A]air is turning [A]cold

Another place I look for you
The heights above an almost perfect view

Seeing things just rest a while
As the tide sweeps out another mile

Inside the man, the pleasure dome
This is the world that I once called home

Strangers in their naked skin
Waiting for their sweet oblivion

Close to you, hear all you say
Even though you're continents away

The perfumed air, the taste of fear
Shrug your shoulders and they disappear

Take this gift and let it grow
Let it be all the hope you know
It doesn't change   [E]