Untitled #23

Cobalt Blue

Transcribed by Stefan Horlitz.

Bm - F - C#m - G - Fm (8th fret) - C4 (8th fret) - D#m (6th fret) - A# (6th fret)



Transcribed by Stefan Horlitz.

Dust off the chitarronne again, it's Church Time!
Capo on the 7th fret, to get that mandoline-like sound. The rest is
a walk in the sun again. Your children could play it. Though anyone
who has seen Peter's and Marty's hands remembers the extraordinary
size of the gentlemen's fingers. I wonder how they can play that
stuff (or it's Tim or Steve on guitar here...but the solo sounds

So, grab a guitar, fix the capo on the 7th fret. Song eez een e minor,
and you really need mostly standard chords:

verse goes like this:

e minor, D6, b minor, Cmaj7


chorus goes like this:

D major, E7/D, Cmaj7, G6add9 (no 5th)

B----3----3----x----x (<-or any other variant of the D shape chord)

..........^grab this with thumb, it's the Harrison chord!!

The chords during the solo are all the same, just slightly reordered.
That's your homework, mates!



Transcribed by Stefan Horlitz.

Friends, this song is strikingly easy to play. Anyone can play it!
There is a whopping 7 chords to learn, 2 of them are derivates. And
woohoo, once you mastered "Happenstance", you can also play "Disappointment"!

So, first thing we have to do is to capo our guitar at the 5th fret.
Yes, just like in "Under The Milky Way"

The tabs of the chords in order:

 d a Fmaj7 Dmaj7 g7 a7 E7


Strum every chord one bar, the little vertical bars indicate "repeat
this two times", ...and encore un fois!!

Let's have a look at what we need -
There's d minor, the key of the song, and a minor, the minor dominant.
This is what "Disappointment" is made of. Then things get interesting.
Fmaj7-->Dmaj7 - a slightly bossanovey chord progression wrapped into
that Churchy Australian romanticism...neat! and then Marty's darker
part...then to E7 and that turnaround back to d -


Space Saviour

Transcribed by Jens Berke.

Incredible song which is based on these four chords all the way through:



Sunken Sun

Transcribed by Jens Berke.

A beautiful tune in the spirit of Maya, Paradox and My Little Problem.

D#maj7: x68786
A#maj7: x13231
Fmaj7:  x33210 (one of the stars of Church chords)
F9:     xx3213 (you'll also find this in some Secret Corners)

Verse: C F9

Chorus: G Fmaj7 C

Bridge and ending: D#maj7 A#maj7 Am Gm



Transcribed by Christopher.

Em G D C



Transcribed (partly so far) by Jens Berke.

The first half of the song goes along pretty simple. Start each
chord at the high E string and go down to the low E string a little,
and do it a little bit slower than you usually strum chords:

G           Fmaj7     Em
All that it was was a fine-toothed comb

G    Fmaj7     Em
Only in on the night


The second half of the song starts with the "heavy" part which is
simpy a D minor.

Then... I'm lost, still have to figure out the "cinematic" part
and the ending...



Transcribed (partly so far) by Jens Berke.

Each verse goes like this (the "Bm" sounds closer to the song if you
leave the high E string open):

C               Bm
   A song about you

Am            G
   Your inner song

F#m                Em
   Are you good or evil

D                   C
   Or just right or wrong

The other parts ("Where's the boys all dressed in green...") seem to go
along a simple C, but I'm, not sure here...