Transcribed by Pierpaolo Vezzaro.

Am G Fmaj7 G

Full chords

On chorus I just play soft downstrokes.
I don't hit the B and high e strings and alternate one/two strokes of the regular chord with
one/two of a suspended chord embellishment with low 2nd or 4th added and no 3rd played

Am/Am4  G/G2  Fmaj7/F2

Am4 (suspended) G2 (suspended)	F2 (susp)
-----           ------        -----
-----           ------        -----
-2---           -0----        --0--
-0---           -0----        --3--
-0---           -0----        --3--
-----           -3----        -(1)-

Highly recommended a 12-string acoustic ;)


Untitled Too

Transcribed by Jens Berke. Lyrics taken from The Church Discography.

What a fantastic song!! I love it.
The chords are always going in this scheme: em C  D  em G em
with one exception: a hm in the next to last verse

The day we left for January
The maelstroms lashed our side
Tore us away from the glass waater bay
          em      G       em
Where the impulse engines died

We scrambled up the crow's nest
Could not believe our luck
Our terrified cries vibrated through the sky
Lightning and thunder struck

Down and down and down
Drowning in yourself
Down and down and down

The sargeant was a drunkard
The wing commander bent
We crashed one night on the other side
Just past the Duke of Kent

Passengers were a lethal lot
Hanging allowed in the nets
They dreamed and screamed as we picked up steam
In the mouth of the rivulet

The mutineers were scabby dogs
Howling for our blood
We hied her whip up and down the ship
We hurled into the flood

The enemy hove into sight
Blazing like a saw
We struggle in her wake like a damaged snake
We didn't get too far

The sea was a vast mosaic
Fallen to disrepair
The sky was aglow like the chaos below

  -- here comes the exception, just one line --
As the first shots filled the air

The charge swept off our captain's leg
So they put him in a barrel of graphite
Commanding from the fray as his blood ran away
His soul fled to the light