Miscellaneous (Singles, B-sides, etc.)

This Asphalt Eden

Transcription by Jens Berke.

When I jammed along my guitar I suddenly played a chord
that sounded familiar to me. After an hour of thinking and
jamming on I remembered it being from a live recording of
This Asphalt Eden, from which I then made this transcription.

Em7/A          [x09780]
Fmaj7/A        [x07560]
E/A            [x06450]
Dadd9/A        [x04230]
E5             [x02450]
Cadd4/F        [xx3560]
Asus2          [x02200]


Em7/A    Fmaj7/A  Em7/A               Fmaj7/A
I walk alone,     this asphalt eden I must have outgrown

Em7/A          Fmaj7/A  Em7/A             Fmaj7/A
Just flesh and bone,    no indication, no way to get home

               Em7/A          Fmaj7/A
Now feel their hands,

             Em7/A          Fmaj7/A
and their demands

           Em7/A      Fmaj7/A                E/A
and understand    the way that it could have been

     Dadd9/A           E5
I remember myself as I wanted to be
         Dadd9/A                     E5
When you walk past my cage I'm gonna set myself free
          Dadd9/A                E5
If it was obvious then well it's just history

     Cadd4/F        E5          Asus2
It's too late, it's too dark to see


Never Come Back

Verse: G D G C G D C G

Chorus C D Am G



Verse: G F (rpt) C F C G

Chorus: Am G Am F


Verse:D C9 G (rpt) C A5 Em C9

Chorus: D C9 G (rpt) C ("Now is that so unreasonable")


September 13

Transcription by Jens Berke.

Em          [022000]
Em6         [022020]
Em7         [022030]
Fmaj7/C     [x33210]

[Em]You never should have [Em6]used [Em7]magic [Em6]
[Em]To summon me, [Em6]back [Em7]here [Em6]
[Em]The conse[Em6]quences [Em7]could be rather [Em6]tragic
[Em]Yeah that's a [Em6]real good trick my [Em7]dear [Em6]

[Fmaj7]And all the while I was under the impression
[Am]Falling on the [C]border like an [Fmaj7]ace
[Fmaj7]You almost smile, assured of my disgression
[Am]Lost into the [C]desert of your [Fmaj7]face
[Fmaj7]Just the other side of dis[Em]grace

Don't you always get what you ask for
Don't you always ask for what you get
I thought you read the lable before you laid the table
You got no cause for regret

And all the time I'm under the delussion
That it's me whose calling out the script
But you jump, up to your conclusion
Your anecdotes all come forth unripped
But who gave you the sweat that you drip[Em]ped