Out Of This World

Transcribed by Jeff Kendrick.


    C        A#
 e|13 13  13 13

This is played throughout the verses:

      C                                A#
 e|1-1-1 0-0-0
 B|            3-3-3 1-1-1     1-3-1     3-1
 G|                        3-3       3-3     3-3

C                                    A#
Almost polite, they point a finger
Trace the muslin design
Almost as blind, shrug your shoulder
Look what you're leaving behind

On the way out, out of this world
On a day out, out of this world

Almost apart, I'm divided
With control dots
Almost divine, she takes her time
And she go out of her mind


C#                                       F#
Hey there, please come and stay with me now
Beneath the arches of our sky
Beneath the curse that sucks you dry

Almost a prize, I can't believe it
Right between the eyes
Almost a man, almost master
Almost also-ran
Look what you're leaving behind


Pretty Ugly, Pretty Sad

Verse:Em9 C9 (twice) A C G Em9 (then repeat all)
Chorus:Em D6 Am G


Nothing Inside

1st transcription by Jens Berke:

Play with capo on 2nd fret

D            x00232
em           022000
em7          022030
A            x02220
C            x32010
G            320001

In the  verse play these two chords between the D-chords
by pulling one finger on and off the high e-string:

A7sus4       x02030
A7sus4add6   x02032


D        A7sus4  A7sus4add6  A7sus4  D
Hey, get out     of          my      way

A7sus4  A7sus4add6  A7sus4   D
I       can         not      stay

A7sus4  A7sus4add6  A7sus4       em em7 em     A
I       can         not      a - doooooooore   you



    C                        G
You lied, there's nothing inside

C                       G
Say the river Jordan is chilly and wide

       em7               A
Once I told you I nearly tried


Here's another transcription:

(Play this on the eighth fret, using the appropriate barre chords)
E Bsus4 (x3) F#m B
Chorus: D A (x3)F#m B



Taken from a thread at Hotelwomb.

Transcription by Noel and Stefan Horlitz.

the chords are played as follows, written starting
at the low E (E,A,D,G,B,e):

C9            X32030
C             X32010
Fmajor7       X03210
Eminor7       X22030
G             320003
F             X33211
Aminor        X02210
D7sus4        XX0213

intro: C9 C Fmaj7 Emin7 G

C9                C
You arrive here unexplained
I can't believe the chance you took
                         Emin7     G
I can't believe you're back again
C9                       C
Sister, come in from the rain
Those images are faded now
                           Emin7   G
We shouldn't bring them back again
Fmaj7            G                    Amin
In the othertime, in a bargain basement
You were recognized
Fmaj7                  G                    Amin
Then from time to time, much to my amazement
With each ensuing episode
Your elegance, it really showed
C9                     C
Buildings blossom into view
Landscapes change and people blur
                         Emin7      G
I can't believe this interests you
C9                       C
I read that bedtime interview
I wish they wouldn't print those things
                    Emin7      G
It only makes it hard for you
Fmmaj7              G
In the othertime....