Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy - Unseen Music Unheard Words

Eyes Ahead

F Bm D#


My Will Be Yours

Verse: Em F G
Chorus: Am G F


Stretch Into The Stars

Verse: Am
Chorus: G Am G F


Maybe Soon

Verse: C Am F
Chorus: Am G F


Uh I Dunno

Verse: D F C G
Chorus: D major C G


Thought Of Leaving

Verse: Em D
Chorus: Em D C


Another Place

Verse: D Am G D
Chorus: C G D Am
Bridge: F C G D


All Is One

Verse: Dm Am C G
Chorus: Em Am F C
Outro: C F Am F


Love Increased

Verse: F Am
Chorus: C G


The Other Place

Verse: D Bm G
Chorus: D C Bm A


Naked As A Star

Dm C A# Am


Friends Are Gone

Verse: C F
Chorus: G C
Guitar in the middle: C F C G C F Am C F C Am C G C G C G C G


Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy - White Magic

The Demo

Verse: D C
Chorus: G F C


All chords above have been taken from the following setlist which was released by Martin Kennedy in his blog (for their "Live at the Toff in Town" gig 2010, if I remember correctly):

Kilbey-Kennedy 'Live at the Toff in Town' setlist