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Secret Corners

Hotel Womb - Web-based Bulletin Board created by Dave Barnard

The Seance Mailing List - on Google Groups, maintained by Chris Barrus

Violettown Facebook Page by Glenn Page

The Maven Fanzine by Michael A. Farrant

NSEW: The Church Fanzine by Trevor Boyd

Tarot of the Time Being by Mark E. Merrill and Steve Kilbey

The Church Discography YouTube Playlists - Live shows, side project albums and more

The Endless Sea

Steve Hoffman Music Forums:
The Church Forum: Part 1 (Mar. 4, 2009 - Oct. 20, 2014) / Part 2 (Oct. 20, 2014 - )
25 years on: The Church "Starfish" appreciation thread / song-by-song review
Steve Kilbey: Solo Albums & Side Projects Discussion

The Church en castellano - extensive, well-researched Spanish language chronology of The Church

Drums & Bells - a song by song tribute to The Church - song reviews by various contributors

A Listener's Guide to The Church / A Listener's Guide to The Church, Part II - by Allister Thompson

Archived blog pages with Steve Kilbey interviews by Thomas Thomsen at Volt & Volume:
An Introduction To: Australian Rock Band The Church
An Introduction To: Australian Singer-Songwriter Steve Kilbey's Solo & Side Projects

The Church at 45worlds: Vinyl Albums / 12" Singles / 45 RPM Records

The Church o con la Iglesia hemos topado - a Spanish "SerieB songs" blog entry with many embedded YouTube videos

Heliopolis - very old Steve Kilbey fan site by Kate Johnson (was at Shadow Cabinet)

OndaRock - The Church - Italian page by Claudio Fabretti (archived - part of the huge OndaRock site)

My Church Adventures - 1988 / Adventure at the 10-5-99 NYC Show - by Gary "The Assassin" Strauss

The Church Lyrics Quizzes on Hotel Womb: Trees / Flowers / Royalty / Being Here

Encyclopedia of Australian Rock & Pop (1999) - by Ian McFarlane (formerly at Whammo)

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