Let Me Go

Don't forget me
Won't upset me
If you let me go

She is waiting
At the station
My elation grows

There's no meaning
Only screaming
Let this free man go

You embraced me
Then erased me
Now you've let me go


A Murdered Swan

In a room
Dark as night
The words you write
Won't get through
Won't get through

Hiding you
Eternal peace
As you fade
Slip away
Slip away

Into dust
Into dusk

Here I am
Open me
Empty me
Pour me out
Fill your cup
Drink me up

On the wind
In the trees
Through the leaves
Hear your voice
You rejoice

On a wave
In the sea
To the deep
You will go
To and fro
Down below

When you try
To survive
Stay alive
Time goes slow
Time goes slow

Now you're free
You have gone
A faded song
A murdered swan


If I Had A Dream

If I had a dream, a fantasy
What it all could mean for humanity
To wash away the blood from society
And to hear the children sing to me
Not the crying constantly
And the bullet's battery

If you hide away from reality
You never see that life is a symphony
Beautiful as love this intensity
You gotta try to be
A fighter for your dignity
Not for futility

Everybody knows how to cry
Everybody knows how to die
Everybody hangs on to life
If there's a possibility
For some humility
And some civility
Then tell me

And if you have a scheme to share with me
Something that can kill the agony
Victims of abuse and their tragedy
It really is enough for me
To see the people's misery
Never reaching sanctuary

Where are all the teachers of history?
Who can put a child in the infantry?
There's another road block ahead of me
And I have to live on charity
Someone's got it in for me
They never even heard of me

Can't we push the cynics away?
Who wants to live with guns everyday?
Why is it that the innocent pay?
For all this foolish arrogance
This foolish ignorance
For every confidence

Can we find a way to eradicate
Trouble that will always end in hate
And if there is an answer will it be too late
No one's really listening
Here's a funeral
There's a christening
The circle is continuing

If I had a dream
If I had a dream
If I had a dream
If I had a dream


Try And Make Sense

It's 3AM in the morning
I fall asleep with the dawning
Sunlight finds a crack in the curtains
I lie awake for how long I'm uncertain

Get out of bed
Clear my head
Try and make sense
Of the warnings

Every day needs a reason
And it seems like this is the season
As madness strives to choke and surround you
And people's lives direct and assign you

To a place
With an unknown face
Try and make sense
When I find you

Your face is cold as a window
Your eyes are gone, who can reach you
And when I see the victims of your game
I understand you but hate you all the same

'Cause deep inside
The knots they tied
I try and make sense
Of your pain


Please Please Please

Here he comes
With his orders
Clowns salute
At the borders
Bathed in blood
He is hatred
And he never could
Be satiated

What's his name?
Tell us his name

We can't tell
If he's human
Is he even alive?
Or are we just presuming
A man of this earth
Cannot be so evil
He'll rip out your eyes
Using a needle

What's his name?
Did you hear his name?

Here he comes
Against the wall
Pull the trigger
Watch you fall
A wave of his hand
And minions quiver
He'll rip out your heart
If you don't deliver

What's his name?
Tell us his name

Now he has you
In his claws
He is the creator
Of a thousand wars
He'll crush your head
Suck out your soul
Your destruction
Is his ultimate goal

Did you hear his name?
Did you hear his name?
Please please please

It drives him wild
With desire
If you fight back
It takes him higher
You cannot run
Against his power
And he's getting closer
Each and every hour

Did you catch his name?
Did you hear his name?
Please please please [repeated several times]



Throw all your flowers down
Scatter them on the ground
And take the boat to Cádiz

The night's
Mischief has ended now
They won't find you in the crowd
So make sure that you leave

And you must go
With the southerly wind
In your hair
If you stay here
There's only despair for you
Only a prayer for you
You must leave
You must leave

You are too beautiful
It will make you sorrowful
Bring you down to your knees

They won't find you innocent
He worked for the government
And he could do as he pleased

So you must go
Tie up your hair in a bun
Leave the past
For the future to come
Now you're on the run
Make good speed
Make good speed

They'll never catch you now
But murder still haunts your brow
And your soul still looks for relief

You must get on with your life
They never found the knife
Just that you were a tease

Now you are free
Look in the mirror to find
If there's any lies
To remind you of
What really happened on
That dark street
That dark street



The Sound Of You

The sound of you next to me
I'm awake, you're asleep
I can see into your dreams
You're amazing, the colour schemes

The marble queen wrapped in her sheets
Your skin like gold, your hair like wheat
I hear you breathe so soft and slow
Please don't ever, ever go

I am listening to your heart
I am listening to your heart beat

A morning wish to give to you
Before you rise it must come true
I'll rescue you from all your fears
I'll keep you safe for a thousand years

When you stir, open your eyes
Hide away from the light
In this caress upon your cheek
Is all my love for you to keep

I am listening to your heart
I am listening to your heart beat



In palaces and castles we have been
I pretended I was king and you were queen
You reign over my history it seems
By becoming the successor to my dreams

But aren't the fairytales just for boys and girls?
With reality much harder to unfurl
With everyone in jeopardy and pain
Or obsessed with notoriety and fame

I see the blood on the road
Newsflash puts you on overload

And then you descended from a star
Like a Disney film blink and there you are

There's unhappy people who seem to have it all
Perhaps they're too ashamed to walk tall
When the helpless they have nothing on this earth
Only by the accident of birth

So some of us put faith in the divine (oh stop)
And others long to own a diamond mine (oh stop)
And then there's those that long to fall in love
Who don't seek cash or guidance from above

You'll go a cynic to the grave
But you know that love favours the brave

And then you descended from a star
Like a Disney film blink and there you are

You'll go a cynic to the grave
You know that love favours the brave

And then you descended from a star
Like a Disney film blink and there you are