A Postcard From Down Under
by The Church


I have one of these - 150 only made - very collectible as they haven't ever released a live album - sound quality 8.5 / 10 - still not entirely sure how official it is or whether sanctioned by the band.

Great sounding bootleg - much better than I expected. Plays loud and full in the car. Turn it up, and it almost feels like you're there. The master tape is suffering from some age (there is some subtle playback "wow" and "flutter" on the CD, and a bad glitch in the middle of "When You Were Mine"). Still, it is a worthwhile document of a time when the band was on the cusp of undergoing some monumental changes (after Ploog, and just before P=A). A "must-have" if you are a Church fanatic. Copies come up on eBay. That's where I got mine.