Back With Two Beasts
by The Church


This is simply one of the best Church CDs. Pearls is worth 5 times the cost of the disc, by itself.

This album was not supposed to be essential, but it really is. The thing I love most about it is the palette of sounds and styles it uses, that makes it very different from his sibling "Uninvited Like The Clouds". If ULTC is a colorful production, BW2B is cold as hell.

Yes, I agree, this is one of their best. A fascinating listen from start to finish.

this is a truly amazing album, and it's a shame that it received such limited distribution. "unreliable external" is pure energy, "night sequence" is 20 minutes of shifting dynamics and "pearls" is possibly the single most beautiful song this great band has ever recorded. if you're a fan of the church's 21st century revitalization, then hunt this album down.

This thing is not so much another improvisational session as it is an actually new album and an amazing one at that. Some of the most heart-breakingly beautiful work they have yet done. Seek it out before it's gone forever. You will not regret it.