El Momento Descuidado
by The Church


Cuando lo escucho me inunda una sensasión de llorar, meditar, ver el lado positivo de las cosas.


When I listen it fills me with a sense of sadness, reflection, and then I see the positive side of things.

I have been waiting for this album for a long time...I suppose it could be labeled 'unplugged'...whatever it is, The Church does it beautifully!

The old classics are reworked, slowed down, to reveal their true identity. New songs such as 'invisible' and 'all I know' are just amazing...both lyrically and musically. Every now and then a really special album comes along...and this is one of them...a must have for any music buffs collection!

If you are like me, an old The Church fan, you will be very surprised, proud, delighted and enchanted by this lovely piece of art.

I was lucky enough to see the boys play at "The Zoo" in Brisbane (20/11/04). I hadn't seen them in ages (Gold Afternoon Fix Tour) so I was very excited!

Wow what a show...it started off soft and acoustic...Kilbey's voice had never sounded so good! 'Unguarded Moment' had been transformed into something beautiful.

Then with each song the band started to rock...Marty was enjoying every second, and squeezed every bit of juice out of his guitar...he was on fire and we loved it! It almost became the Marty show towards the end.

These boys are just amazing...a real treasure!