by Steve Kilbey


Steve Kilbey
(Red Eye Records)

In going out on a musical limb, Steve Kilbey has emerged as a sceptic, toying with questions about the meaning of it all. The Church frontman's solo album has an almost dream-like introspection. It contains 18 tracks (on four sides), all composed and engineered by Kilby [sic] whose lyrics are worked into an interplay dominated by guitar and keyboards. It is full of contrast; 'Random Pan' is a buoyant tune about the sanctity of nature, whereas 'The Nervousness [sic] Hoax' slides deliriously into inner space. The album is testimony to Kilbey's versatility, with sounds and moods that seem to vaporise somewhere above your turntable.

Remindlessness should take you somewhere if you can handle Kilbey's hypnotic and occasionally morose words.