Simple Intent
by Peter Koppes


This album is a good progression from Love Era/Irony. The programmed drums from earlier albums are back (I guess Tim Powles was unavailable), but it's not as noticeable since they're down in the mixes. Guitars, pianos, other strings, and even occasional horns are often prominent. But it's Peter's voice that's the star here. I believe "Blame" is his best track ever. He's found his perfect style. And the lyrics are understandable and nicely crafted. Plus he's got the angelic Margot Smith, who is transcendent on the operetta "Leaving." And "Sleeping In My Heart" is as good a pop song as any by The Church. I think most of you will like this one a lot.

Here's a track by track rundown:

Naked Soul - Nice opener, lets you know this CD will have some personal songs on it. One of the more lush tracks on the album.

Blame - This may be his best song EVER! A few simple layers of guitars and other stuff thrown in, gentle backing vocals. Great lyrics. How can we get this on the radio?

Dedication - What woman wouldn't want this sung to them? A slow piano piece (with guitars) that starts off almost "Let It Be"-like. Touching.

Drink? - Kind of Peter's answer to Steve's Bossa. Can you imagine walking into a bar before a show and having Peter appear, inviting you to join him? That's this song.

Leaving [an operetta] featuring Margot Smith and Neige Koppes (one of his daughters) - Wow! Totally unexpected! Piano driven, with orchestra music slipping in at times. A video of this could be amazing.

Met Her Today - Nice shift half way through from singing to almost rap-like speaking makes this one good. One line reminds me of Business Woman: "...even chief executives would bow to her gall."

Natural - An honest, hot love song. His voice is electronically altered in parts. Orchestra string (or keyboard?) sounds throughout.

Sleeping in My Heart - A bouncy, poppy Summer song with horns and a happy twangy sound throughout (keyboards or guitar-made?) - should be a single

Voyager - Dense, driving instrumental - awesome!

Walk With You - Bizarre track with many sound and vocal layers, and oddly spoken lyrics about aliens. And he uses one of my favorite words: putrefaction!

Winter - Gentle closing instrumental with rainstorm sounds, lots of strings and harps, and birds singing. Is this his refuge? Ahhh.

Mike F.