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1.Naked Soul (4:13) /
2.Blame (4:22) /
3.Dedication (4:03)
4.Drink? (4:12)
5.Leaving (4:50) /
6.Met Her Today (4:19) /
7.Natural (4:46)
8.Sleeping In My Heart (3:28)
9.Voyager (4:56) (instrumental) /
10.Walk With You (4:27)
11.Winter (5:25) (instrumental) /

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Peter Koppes - lead vocals and instruments, rhythm programming
Margot Smith, Neige Koppes - lead vocals on Leaving
Iain Martin - lead vocals, guitar on Walk With You
Tamstar - guitar on Naked Soul
Jane Cox, Gerry Caulfield - additional backing vocals
Russell Grigg - rhythm programming, additional backing vocals

Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Peter Koppes and Russell Grigg.
Recorded at Le Maison (Bleu) and Hypnotech studios.
Mastered by William Bowden.
Photography and Design by Maël Ressos.



From the Immersion Records web site:

This fifth album of new material is a collection of adult love songs not for adults only and fresh perspectives on universal questions in life such as BLAME, DRINK? and the NAKED SOUL. Organic modern songwriting often driven by piano and acoustic guitar, juxtaposed with inventive layers of drums, strident bass and laced with luscious electric guitar themes. The operatic LEAVING also features lead vocals by Margot Smith and Neige Koppes. Graced by the magnificent orchestral variety of the instrumental WINTER, this album is contemporary and traditional at the same time and appreciable by experienced listeners.

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