JUPITER 13 (2021)

Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy - Jupiter 13 cover

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1.Prologue (1:22)
2.ADSR (4:20)
3.Rendezvous (4:44) /
4.Jupiter 13 (feat. Selena Cross) (9:19)
5.Circus (3:06)
6.We Are Missing (3:55)
7.Insane (3:47)
8.Halfway (3:57)
9.No Attachment (5:02) /
10.Holiday (4:20)
11.Aetolia (4:31)
12.Liquorice Comfits (5:53)
13.Epilogue (1:50)

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Written and performed by Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy

Music recorded in Tasmania
Vocals recorded at Damien Gerard Studios, West Gosford
Mixed by Andrew Beck
Mastered by Simon Polinski
Artwork by Keith Donald
Band logo by Informal

Rowan Smith backing vocals on Halfway
Gareth Koch acoustic guitar solo on No Attachment
Josh Roydhouse piano on ADSR & No Attachment
Anna Waugh backing vocals on ADSR
Leona Gray backing vocals on Rendezvous & Holiday
Stefan Horlitz piano on Jupiter 13
Anastasia Badina backing vocals on Jupiter 13

Huge thanks to Keith, Gareth, Anna, Leona, Rowan, Stefan, Josh, Andrew, Marshall, Simon, Clint

Patreon executive producers: Michael Schmidt, Michael Holmes, Gary Mccluskey, Sean Fredrick, Kevyn Marshall, Robert f. Blumschein, Dave Stewart, Andrew Curtis, Randy LeMasters, Karl Scutt, Carl Koontz, Jeremy Gunkel, Rhonda Schuldt

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Album write-up by Steve:

Jupiter 13
A foreseeable calamity. A triumph of science.
The last straw. Not what you think it is.
A top secret. Mans basic inhumanity to man.
The impossibility according to physics. Events trigger matter.
An infinite regression. A preventable catastrophe in the future.
Investigations are underway. Call girls. Drugs. Photographs. Blackmail.
Theft of dangerous materials. The underworld. The dark web.
The manipulation of dream. The war we waged on each other and the aliens.
Ray Guns and particle acceleration. The charge that blew apart the mains.
Witchcraft and black magic. Playing around with Anti matter.
The ordinary man in the street, a day in his life.
The memory of phone calls never made.
Komarovski do you read me.
The colonel in the gentlemens club sloshed on gin. Debris orbits a tiny moon.
Richardson is on the phone: we wanna talk to you about Jupiter 13.
Yeah I bet you fucking do!
Still there is music. Attack...Decay...Sustain...Release...
Richardson hangs up somewhere in the past.
Time travel has been happening but the yanks won't give us our go.
And we chucked in all that money.
Martin prepares an escape pod which will double as his recording studio.
He will float unconscious dreaming up symphonies that will be recorded by the software encoded in his spine.
Stefan H in Germany will know our mission is over and will play
one last lasting sweeping arpeggio which will signal the curtains.
A disaster. A mistake. A miracle. A mystery. Jupiter 13.
One hundred years until they open the files.
Im trapped in the airlock and theres no gravity.

- sk Jan '21

Cover artist Keith Donald explained the imagery this way on Facebook:

The relics are all to do with a "Chariots of the Gods" theme. Why they all got there is up to the viewer to figure out...perhaps the ancient gods come from Jupiter's moons? The alien skull has Martin Kennedy's glasses on to involve him in the painting...his idea and a good one. I was originally going with the astronaut having the helmet on but Steve wanted his likeness in the painting so the helmet had to come off...I guess we have to assume there is an atmosphere. His arm is extended just for compositional reasons to match the rock formation in the background.

The line drawing on the ground in front of astronaut Kilbey is a recreation of the ancient Nazca Line Hummingbird ("El Colibrí") geoglyph located on a plateau in southern Peru, which measures 96 meters x 66 meters.

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