Steve Kilbey - Self Portrait, The Speed Seems to Have Slowed Me Down (2004)

Steve Kilbey Art Exhibit - Yellow Springs, Ohio (USA)
November 2004


On Nov. 6, 2004, I went to see the first ever Steve Kilbey art exhibit, assembled with much love and care by Kilbey art expert and collector Holly Jordan.

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Yellow Springs is a small town west of Columbus and southwest of Springfield.

Kings Yard Shops is the heart of the Yellow Springs shopping district.

Village Artisan's Gallery can be seen behind this streetside dining area.

A very inviting entrance, and very ancient looking. Note: Village Artisan's Gallery moved to a nearby location in August 2005.

The exhibit is contained in their "cafe room."

Some deadly sins tempt George Washington from above.

No space is left unoccupied by artwork.

The devil leers while Christ looks down upon Steve's wife and child.

Some self-portraits on this wall.

Here are collected those with more of an Eastern influence.

An original for sale: "Self Portrait -- Ornate Mirror" ($450).

"George Washington" ($400). Great detail. I bought this one later for only AUS$250.

Artaud(?) has found space above a couple of shady characters.

"Self Portrait, Vedic Heaven" floating over the cover image for his new book.

The "Beside Yourself" series. The Pompeii image accidentally got a larger frame.

The "Beside Yourself" cover artwork.

"Saraswati with Fender Bass," snapping its fingers in time.

"Blue Eve" - my favorite. Should have bought it when I had the chance.

Holly had this wonderful brochure made up as an afterthought!

The inside of the folded brochure quotes Steve talking about painting.

Prints for sale. $35 for 8" x 10" (unique to this show), $100 or so for larger.

Folded cards (5" x 7") w/envelopes - $4.00, or 3 for $10.50.

Note from Holly to make sure the music is played.

The audio part of the exhibit. I walked in on "Why Don't You Love Me."

Artistic guestbook entry.

The collection of cards I took home.

The 3 small prints I purchased. I think I'll frame them together.

Saraswati with Fender Bass Detail