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Steve Kilbey 2008 Art Exhibit - Yellow Springs, OH


On June 7, 2008, I traveled to Yellow Springs, Ohio, to see Steve's 2nd art exhibit ("The Empty Place: A Modern Australian Psychedelic Vision," running through June) organized by Holly Jordan, and attend the first of two receptions. These are my photos of the event. Audio segments are from Steve's call-in during the reception (Adobe Flash Player required).

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Village Artisans Gallery

Flyer in Window

Art Exhibit Flyer

Audio Clip 1: Steve talks about framing and its effect on art.

Entrance from sales space

Right Wall

14) Connexion

14) Connexion (close-up)

Audio Clip 2: Steve talks about using iridescent pastels on "Connexion."

14) Connexion (closer-up)

2) DMT Download

2) DMT Download (close-up)

4) Lemuria by Night

Audio Clip 3: Steve talks about the eyes in his works.

12) Parallel Universe


6) Wide Open Road: Portrait of David McComb

Cards for sale

Audio Clip 4: Steve talks about who he hopes would buy his paintings.

Brochures and Flyers

Art Exhibit Brochure - Front and Back

Art Exhibit Brochure - Inside

Audio Clip 5: Steve talks about perseverance and learning how to play the guitar.

Left Wall

Prints for sale

10) Medicine Spirit

Audio Clip 6: Steve talks about the inspiration for "Medicine Spirit."

9) Jim's Mirror

9) Jim's Mirror (close-up)

"Jim's Mirror" Listening Station
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Rear Wall

Audio Clip 7: Steve talks about his own techniques with pastel and guache.

7) Death of Ego

8) Angel of the Dawn

3) King of Dope

3) King of Dope (close-up)

Audio Clip 8: Steve talks about using a kneaded eraser on "The Vegetalista."

1) The Vegetalista

1) The Vegetalista (close-up)

20) The Acid Sea

Hallway - left side

Audio Clip 9: Steve talks about techniques using pastels and fixative.

19) Sentience

18) Neuman

21) Crystalline Rush

15) Synethesia

Audio Clip 10: Steve sings a bit of "Crystalline Rush."

16) Ricki Maymi

16) Ricki Maymi (close-up)

17) Scarlet Bloom

17) Scarlet Bloom (close-up)

Audio Clip 11: Steve talks about using color.

Hallway - right side

22) Starchild

5) Jimmy the Weed & Eris Discordia (commissioned portrait)

Ricki, Scarlet & Mona

Audio Clip 12: Steve talks about why he often paints blue and green faces.

11) Mona LSD

11) Mona LSD (close-up)

End of hallway, around corner

13) Painkiller

Audio Clip 13: Steve talks about overcoming his shortcomings and learning patience.

The fabulous spread, and Juicy, too.

Kat at "Jim's Mirror" listening station

Reception in full swing

Kat and Debbie

The following works had just arrived earlier in the day, and this was the first peek at them.
They were later framed and added to the show.

Spring Rain

Portland from the Air

The Eyes of Nature

Audio Clip 14: Steve talks again about perseverance and imposing your will on a work.

Minerals Whirl


Thunderbird 1

Audio Clip 15: Steve talks about being a late starter and his philosophy on art.

Venus Sideways

The Appearance of Life

What's The New Mary Jane?

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