Steve Kilbey - Sydney Rococo the Concert


On Jan. 19, 2020, Steve Kilbey performed his latest album, Sydney Rococo and other favorites live in the Sydney Recital Hall as part of Sydney Festival 2020. Playing with him were the George Ellis Orchestra, Barton Price, Jak Housden, Robyn Loau, James Christowski and Amanda Kramer. Produced by Empress Arts Film. Program length: 1 hour, 26 minutes.

Full Setlist of Show

Sydney Rococo

  1. Sydney Rococo
  2. Distant Voices
  3. When I Love Her She Sings
  4. Nineveh
  5. The Wrong One
  6. Achilles Heals
  7. Night Is Coming
  8. Sydney Morocco
  9. The Lonely City
  10. Lagoon
  11. Traitor Signals (writen with Greg Dulli)

Other Favorites

  1. Myrrh
  2. Reptile
  3. Everyone (Kilbey-Kennedy song)
  4. Under The Milky Way
  5. Space Savior


Steve Kilbey - Vocals, Bass
George Ellis - Orchestral Arrangements and Conducting
Amanda Kramer - Piano
James Christowski - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, 6-String Bass
Jak Housden - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Barton Price - Drums & Percussion
Robyn Loau - Backing Vocals