Peter Koppes - Love Era/Irony Cover

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0.Grasshrooms* - hidden instrumental track (on some copies - see notes below) –  /
1.Celebration (5:08) /
2.Thankyou (4:59) /
3.Two In A Million (4:09) /
4.Come A Day (2:07)
5.Sound (4:23) /
6.Apex Farmer (4:57)
7.Oblivion & Beyond (4:00)
8.Message (6:12) /
9.Make A Move (3:59)
10.Luminous (4:05)
11.Esoterica (6:51)

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Tim Powles - Mapex drums, non-electronic percussion
Sonia Chemarin - Singing
Suzi Kivi - Singing [Message, Make A Move]
Ryan McKay - Singing [Come A Day, Thankyou], Guitar [Two In A Million, Come A Day, Apex Farmer], Bass [Two In A Million]
Michael Cook - Guitar [Sound, Message]
Melvin Stewart - Bass [Come A Day, Message, Esoterica], Singing [Apex Farmer]
Robert J. Howarth - Singing [Message]
Tex Tunks - Harmonica [Make A Move]

Produced by Peter Koppes
Mixed by Tim Powles and Peter Koppes,
   except 'Message' and 'Come A Day' with Chris Campbell
Recorded by Peter Koppes at La Maison, Bondi Beach, Australia;
   Tim Powles and Chris Campbell: at Karmic Hit Studio, Rozelle, Australia
Cover Design:
   Photography/Photo Manipulation: Tyrone Kallmeier
   Direction: Morgan Newall
   Graphics: Trevor Savage
   Layout: Julien Klettenberg



Some copies contain a hidden instrumental track located before the first track, at -3:45 on the disc. You can play it by starting to play track 1, then holding the "reverse" or "<<" button until it seeks all the way to the start of the disc. This track is written into the "pause time" or "pre-gap" at the start of the CD. (The Red Book standard requires a minimum of 2 seconds of pre-gap at the start of a CD.)

*Official title finally revealed in 2007 on the Misty Heights & Cloudy Memories 1987-2002 compilation. Various titles for the hidden track were thought to have been heard, such as "Mushrooms and Grass," "Pot Shrooms Acid," and "Acid Pot Shrooms."

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