The Dangerous Age

Kate Ceberano, Steve Kilbey, Sean Sennett
(Mushroom Music)

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Lyrics (unofficial)

Cindy Walker ??? [0:07] sweet talker
She's down on the street
Inside her head somebody said
Man we gotta meet
Everyone's an actor
Just going through a stage
Must be the dangerous age

Jamie Black the girl on his back
Outside a bar
Franklin Jones on the phones
Inside his car
Soon those two will collide
Oh the same fate
In a dangerous age

Long winter, short summer
It's getting cold
Longer nights, shorter days
Now you've been told by a sage
It's a dangerous age

Stevie K had his heyday
In the distant past
That song just don't belong now
We're all aghast
Think about that silence
In John Cage
It's the dangerous age
It's a dangerous age
It's the dangerous age