Down: Nostalgia and Everything After

(Mushroom Music Publishing/Peermusic/Universal Music Publishing Pty Ltd)

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Remix of After Everything from After Everything Now This.

Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Aug. 27, 2013]

Now that it's over I find myself leaving
The sound permeating all directions at once
I never said goodbye to the family, lovers
Brothers and daughters, the rest of the bunch

It seems so strange that the things I was chasing
Have all evaporated like a distant dream
Petty ambition, petty obstruction
Something in between

(After the after everything, after the after everything now this)

Here is a child playing in a garden
Here is an old man with a broken heart
Here comes a train to take you away
It all goes round and round and comes back to the start

I was never really sure what I was waiting for
When the moment came I was looking away
Obsessed with the past, scared of the future
Never took the time to be here today

(After the after everything, after everything now this)

After everything now this happens
It's not a grand illusion, it's a stupid little trick
The show must go on, these people have paid
You're standing in the wings feeling kinda sick

Never really sure what you were waiting for
When the moment came you just couldn't choose
The fog sweeps down over the marine city
Standing backstage trying to pull on your shoes

(After the everything now this, after everything now this)