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After the demise of our beloved leader
Everybody knew that something had to give
Cassandra she told me but no one would believe her
I wish I had helped her more than I did

We tried to overcome the threat of the monster
We tried to kneel down and call up the beast
Maria she told me that her kid had just appeared one day
I just can't tell who I adore the least

The rivers run astray
Night feels just like day
And everybody just walk away

In one side of my mind resides a controller
In one side of my mind revolves a relief
And one pain in my brain remains unchanged
I say you cannot explain the grief

Once in a while when the wind has slowed it down
Me and the girls visit struggle town
There's a shop down there selling skulls and powder
But don't ask any questions about her

You can't be a lover if you want to keep on using
What are you using that's stronger than the love
Sometimes I'm knocked out by the damage that you're doing
Knocked out, locked out, push comes to shove

Listen to the wind tearing at the windows
Watching how the white moon melts into the cloud
Important little tyrants, impotent little pharaohs
Man of sorrows lost into the crowd

The rivers run astray
And light feels just like day
And everybody walk away

So if the ladies ask you over to play
Just beware of the ricochet