Till The Cows Come Home

(Mushroom Music Publishing/Peermusic/Control)

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Lyrics (unofficial)

Well I'm walking through town as the evening comes down
And it's easy to hope that you're here
In my fine linen suit and my smouldering cheroot
Well disposed to a night of good cheer
The candles and lamps and the losers and champs
Horses all covered in foam
If you don't show then I just do not know
If I'll wait till the cows come home

I remember the day that you first came my way
Yes it stays in my mind like a song
I remember the night when you first caught my sight
And in spite of all that's gone wrong
The moon and the stars and the gentle guitars
You stepped to the microphone
You sang like a lark in the warm fragrant dark
I could listen till the cows come home

When it's raining and cold and love's losing its hold
And you feel like you just want to sleep
And the friends that you trusted, left you all busted
And the hills that you climb are all steep
Yeah your lovers and cronies have all turned out phonies
Sold you a bag full of bones
I'll keep waiting there still on that last final hill
And I will till the cows come home

Though I'm in this valley
I'll fear no evil if you will walk by my side
Though danger's around us, strangers all hound us
Your light will still be my guide
The villains and freaks with their vulgar antiques
And critiques that simper and moan
Oh they twist and they turn
But I'm just standing firm
And I will till the cows come home