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[rev. Aug. 30, 2013]

Come on now baby let's have a little fun tonight
2,000 long years and they're all leading up to tonight
Why'd you wanna be so cruel to me like that
But you're already near me, you already see

And you look so good tonight
Sky so black tonight

Everybody knows that you got it for free
If they catch up with ya you're gonna wanna know me

Sometimes I think I'll go crazy from the things that you say
I can't understand why you say that everything is dead
You saw the light, it was too bright, and you said
Then you turn around and you found it's me instead

Look so fine tonight
Sun is gonna shine tonight

Everybody knows that you know one of us
If they catch up with you don't make a fuss

Desired these purple vile lips in your tonight
Common steel rover maxed out like a lira tonight
Tough on ya cruising resulting in a hurt
All my little experiments right down the drain tonight
That's alright
(That's right!)

[Many faint indiscernible words here]