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This song was introduced and first played live on Oct. 12, 2020, during one of Steve's weekly Instagram Live Living Room shows.

Lyrics (unofficial)

You don't know how far it will go
You don't see what it's doing to me
Spring come but I gotta go
I'm going down to Anglesea (fuck yeah!)

Had a house behind the marsh
The moon rose up so yellow and harsh
No one, I'm gonna let you be
Meandering down to Anglesea (yeah!)

Light a fire on the beach tonight
See it in the desert burning white and bright
Shelly Beach ain't no place for me
I'm taking Baby Poe down to Anglesea (come on, Anglesea)

Drop down, give me ten
Give me your sweet lovin' again and again
Give me a minute and I'll get free
I'm taking you baby down to Anglesea, yeah!

(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

(I'm takin' you baby
Oh baby down to Anglesea)

(One two, one two three four)

(It's all falling apart
It's all falling apart)