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This song was introduced and first played live (as "Warren and Janice") on Oct. 12, 2020, during one of Steve's weekly Instagram Live Living Room shows.

Lyrics (unofficial)

Warren the ghost of the piano player
Is sitting in the sun
Rattling off that old 3/4 ballad
But just about no one
The dust suspended in the air
And we wonder
Is anybody there?

Janice, the ghost of a laundry girl
She was gonna be his wife
But the drought and the fire and the flood and the sky
All conspired to take her life
Now she dances to the piano
Surely you can see her in the shadow
You can see her in the bright midday light

This is the last verse of this song
Now I must sing about something different
Something different altogether
A song about the atmosphere
And the tears cried by the trees
Song about the little mysteries
A song about the cranes and the creeks
And the rushing boiling weather
Warren and Janice are together
Warren and Janice forever