The Amphibian

S. Kilbey
(Karmic Hit Publishing)

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Oct. 30, 2006]

On to the next dream we run
But still I feel like I've been stung
With all the phrases I've been sung
All the puppets I've hung among
I can't forget their stupid eyes
Their vague attempts to patronize
The very nonsense I despise
While sizing up the pig sty's cries

Amphibian baby
I hardly know your name
But ever since you came in me
I haven't been the same
You've got your certain method
Time is up your sleeve
Old age crawled inside your bod
And wait for me to leave

I must have left my keys somewhere
I must have left my drink somewhere
I must have left my drugs somewhere
I must have left my clothes somewhere
I must have left my flesh somewhere
I must have left my bones somewhere
I must have left my soul somewhere
Don't bother to count, the money's all there

Amphibian baby
I've dealt with you before
Your gills and pills won't pay my bills
I'm showing you the door
The rain is beating harder
The fabric that we weave
Will not cover up the grotesque rain
Please wait for me to leave

[3:44 - Start of overlapping voices]
I need some words, I just made this up, I can't be sure, sweet
(you know, it's been raining for such a long time)
Nothing didn't sync up 'cause I haven't found that number
(and I'm as indiginated, I'm losing ??? [3:56])
All covered in jewels and the dragonflies, oh yes
(I was dreaming, in a dream I imagined all of this)

Will you then hold me in duress
(across the bridge, over the eternal water)
Night comes down, insistent bitch, till nine
(where they will patiently wait)
Stumbling before (...insistent bitch...) she had her hollow eyes

And it's strangely pink and strange to think it'll be love
(I've been laying with my pain ??? [4:26], and somebody gave me the main impulse)
(in a moment of life, well I wish I'd smashed that wedding [4:35])
You figured he has gone (??? [4:37] but it's me in that picture you're keeping)
You figured he has gone (??? [4:42] and there I was)

Tall dark trees don't shake when they look at me
(now chaos tell me it's now today, dreamed up this world when you wrote me a letter)
Seven hearts, seventeen years
(I was ???) [4:54]
(he wrote me a letter, so many letters)
(then you fished out a smoking letter)
That's not true he said
(a red cinder falling down without an instance)
When you look at your hands
(it all seems so long ago)
(comb the street)
(touched me)
(you were patient, waiting for a reply)
(dangles, playing the sets)
(cast in the breeze)
I couldn't have taken her
(I could not answer you personally)
Built it does, does not....