S. Kilbey / P. Koppes
(Karmic Hit Publishing/Worldwater Music/Peer-Southern)

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Sept. 7, 2013]

Danielle, Danielle
Danielle you're looking old today
Like someone came along, stole all your years away
The pale sun will not forgive your face
In shadows all the gentlemen who spent time in this place
In hell, (Danielle) Danielle

Your bruises and your powder cause bad dreams
Your yellow teeth and desperate eyes make small children scream
There's no one in the waiting room, there's nothing in your purse
Abstracted laugh breaks down into a cough then a curse
In hell, (Danielle) Danielle (in hell)

(Danielle, in hell)

Danielle, please don't look that way at me
I didn't drink your absinthe, or tell your family
Sometimes we pretend it's Paris, sometimes it's more Berlin
The real outside cannot divide the unholy sin within
In hell, Danielle (Danielle, Danielle)

This is hell, Danielle
(Danielle, Danielle...)