English Kiss

S. Kilbey
(Sony Music)

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Sept. 8, 2013]

Do you remember the story
In the bloody chamber
About the mad tiger
He licks the skin off of women
I tell you Samantha
I could wear those straps for you

Have you prayed, have you chanted
With the symbols and incense
To both Krishna and Buddha
And the Goddess of Fortune
For an Indian lover
To wake Kundalini
Your beautiful Gyani
But also Iscariot
Who comes to betray us
With just one English Kiss

Deep in the autumn
I lie in my bedroom
Just one more long shadow
Fall into the corners
I reach for a woman
Who harbors in darkness
She lands on a mountain
That sways for a moment
Crashes in pieces all over my eyes
All over my eyes

And when you get tired
Of fake little evenings
Slip through your fingers
And don't keep their promise
Oh it's such a sad vision
It breaks up my daydream
It's such a sad vision, breaks up my daydream

Look up that sleeve, where is the rabbit
Already secreted along with the dove
Where is the passion, already depleted
Just like the love

Can you imagine what I can manage
With your permission, with your consent
I know what you're thinking
Hear what you're saying, how could I ever
I know what you like (yeah)
I think I know what you like
I'm sure I know what you like

You should give it attention
You should give it attention
You should give it some thought
You should give me a night
You should give me a night
I know what you like