Song Of Solomon

S. Kilbey / The Bible

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In the liner notes to the 2004 reissue of The Slow Crack, Steve wrote this about the song:

I nicked these words out of the Bible. Why not? They're great, I reckon. I was also surprised they left this kinda fruity stuff in the Good Book. Some of 'em will tell you that it's a metaphor for the Christ and his Church (yeah, sure). I thought I achieved a kind of Babylonian rock with Assyrians and Hittites on the rhythm guitars.

Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Jan. 13, 2012]

You are altogether beautiful
Oh girl companion of mine
And there is no defect in you
There is no defect in you

With me from Lebanon my bride
With me from Lebanon, may you come
May you descend from the top
From the top of Anti-Lebanon
From the top of Senir
Or even Hermon
From the lairs of lions
From the mouths of leopards
You have made my heart beat
Oh my sister, my bride
You have made my heart beat
By one of your eyes
By just one pendant of your necklace

Open to me, oh my sister, my girl companion
For my head is filled with the dew
The locks of my hair with the drops of the night
I've put off my robe, how can I put it back on
I've washed my feet, how can I soil them

I am asleep, but my heart is awake
To the sound of knocking, my dear one knocking
My dove, my blameless one
Until the day breathes and the shadows have fled
She'll go my way to the mountain of myrrh
To the hill of frankincense