The Wrong One

Steve Kilbey/Amanda Kramer

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Lyrics (unofficial)

[rev. Oct. 4, 2020]

She's fallen in love with the wrong one again
And the things which were nearly near
Are all entangled I hear
The force of violins inside her
Gettin' ready to bow
The laws of spirit to guide her
Gettin' ready to go
Pulling your punches
The hunt is cold
They're launching your age
The strangers stow

She's singing some things that she knows she'll regret
And all the words you can bear
Are whispered everywhere
The names of the streets around here
Gettin' ready to go
The flames and the heat around here
As above so below
Going in circles I assume
Then blowing these miracles in the living room

She's taking some things and she'll never return
And all the men that you ever meet
Are falling at her feet
The dream of the drum inside her
Gettin' ready to roll
The drum of the dream inside her
Gettin' ready to fall
Falling with wonder I suppose
Then torn asunder the thunder goes