Gone By Noon

Marty Willson-Piper, Niko Röhlcke

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Lyrics (unofficial)

The blood on your lips
Drips, red honey slips into a pool
The lies that you tell
Corrupt my heart
Infect my soul

Silence spills
Like a wave in the dark
The fills you play
Black and white
The final scene - crying
And you're gone

The shock in your eyes
Lies, the wailing cries
Of a tragic fool
Your game hides the truth
Dice, playing cards
Mirrored in the roof

You cheat with the best
When you're caught you're aloof
An avalanche
That seals
A silent shroud
The noise has gone
All that's left - speechless
An empty shell

Love's last tears
Have fallen down
From your cheek
The loaded words
Around the room
Exotic birds
Against the glass - goodbye
Gone by noon