Helpless You

Marty Willson-Piper, Niko Röhlcke

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Lyrics (unofficial)

The light slips through
You're alone in your room
With your secrets and pain
And it's happening again

And all the stars are shards of glass
As they fall and you hide till they pass
So sad, helpless you

The dream has gone
And the pictures hang wrong
And you're buried in your books
And your mirror's off the hook

And outside it's eternal night
And you're trapped in the wave of your mind
You're so sad, helpless you
So sad, helpless you

And you're locking all the doors
As you sharpened your claws
And your eyes turn red
As you feed on the dead

And you cry as you slide away
In the light see the sign of your decay
So goodbye, we'll deny your prey
Your desires and lusts have locked you away
So sad, helpless you
So sad, helpless you
So sad
So sad
So sad
So sad, helpless you