If I Had A Dream

Marty Willson-Piper, Niko Röhlcke

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Lyrics (unofficial)

If I had a dream, a fantasy
What it all could mean for humanity
To wash away the blood from society
And to hear the children sing to me
Not the crying constantly
And the bullet's battery

If you hide away from reality
You never see that life is a symphony
Beautiful as love this intensity
You gotta try to be
A fighter for your dignity
Not for futility

Everybody knows how to cry
Everybody knows how to die
Everybody hangs on to life
If there's a possibility
For some humility
And some civility
Then tell me

And if you have a scheme to share with me
Something that can kill the agony
Victims of abuse and their tragedy
It really is enough for me
To see the people's misery
Never reaching sanctuary

Where are all the teachers of history?
Who can put a child in the infantry?
There's another road block ahead of me
And I have to live on charity
Someone's got it in for me
They never even heard of me

Can't we push the cynics away?
Who wants to live with guns everyday?
Why is it that the innocent pay?
For all this foolish arrogance
This foolish ignorance
For every confidence

Can we find a way to eradicate
Trouble that will always end in hate
And if there is an answer will it be too late
No one's really listening
Here's a funeral
There's a christening
The circle is continuing

If I had a dream
If I had a dream
If I had a dream
If I had a dream