The Roadmap To My Soul

Marty Willson-Piper, Niko Röhlcke

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Lyrics (unofficial)

On a list, underlined, there's a name
I don't recognize
The sugar fix, the chemicals killing me
As I say goodbye
In the mist, disappear, like a ghost
It felt like I had died

It's confidence, in yourself, finally
That made you decide
Left me here, on the wind, thanks to you
No chance to survive
I'm a wreck, a faded light, flickering
Extinguishing my life

But I shrug it off like drops of rain
Sorry that you can't control
Manipulate the pain you've caused
On the roadmap to my soul

Woke up late, it's all the same, the sun has gone
Oh, I can't find my clothes
They're on the floor, in a heap, by the sink
I've nowhere to go
Anyway, what's the point, now you've gone
I am just alone

I pick it up, I take a chance, on myself
Trying not to cry
I go to sleep, I hate the dreams, the storyline
Surrounded by the night
Haunting me, pushing me, telling me
A past that I'll deny

I'm frightened by the heart's extremes
How love just takes you down
All you do is shout at stars
And watch them turn to dark

The hurt echoes through my fragile bones
Cancelled journey to a place
Where everything you dreamed came true
On the roadmap to my soul
On the roadmap to my soul
On the roadmap to my soul